Book Reading Guide

Great Fiction Books


Books have incredible power. They have the capacity to teach, expose, entertain and inspire people. They hold a very essential position in our learning process. They challenge the mind and get it to think critically on certain factors of life. They come in many varieties examples including fiction, real life experiences, various subjects, motivational books among others. The choice of what to read lies heavily on the individual's taste or sometimes circumstances.


The popular books 2017 are among the most accomplished of works. This may be attributed to the fact that they rely heavily on the imagination of the author to write them. The author is required to have streamlined thought processes to be able to make the story flow. Having nowhere to deduce the story from is as challenging and exciting as it gets .It allows the author to create and direct the life of their characters and all that with the help simple equipment.


The best fiction 2017 writers borrow from their surroundings. They acknowledge that even with a gift so powerful there is need to get assistance. They place their characters right at the place of their choosing and breathe life into them. They name them to give them identity and go a step further to allow each to have their own personality. This is a great way of providing the much needed diversity. It also gives the reader an idea of what to expect of these characters. 


They introduce obstacles into their lives and give the readers access to the emotions around every trial. They give the reader the right to hate , love, empathize or even at times relate to the characters of the story. They give place for emotion and events and show just how much things can change for better or worse depending on the circumstances all the while managing to keep the readers interest. For more details about fiction books, visit


A twist is paramount for every great story. This proves the saying nothing is really as it seems true. They allow the experiences that the characters go through to shape them for better or for worse. It gives the two sides of every human being by simply giving their characters whether main or minor flaws. They hold to the truth of finding perfection in imperfection. They also go ahead to provide basic lessons on life like the importance of patience and persistence.


Depending on the perspective that the writer had in mind they may possess a good or a bad ending. Sometimes the reader is left in a dilemma or to make their own conclusion. They may be bad or good based on individual assessment but nothing comes close to a well written fictional book. It teaches ,corrects, helps us to have a little understanding of things that we might have otherwise ignored.